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Top Notch Facility at your Service

Imagine a conveniently located state-of-the-art dental practice that can provide your family with every aspect of dental care!!! Now imagine highly skilled professionals that work together to coordinate your care in a comprehensive manner. You will feel confident that you’re receiving optimum care from professionals who are knowledgeable about today’s dental health issues. Our dental equipment and clinical software reflects the latest advances in dental technology. As a result, we can minimize the time spent in the dental chair as well as radiation exposure, while providing a pain-free experience whenever possible.

Top Notch Specialists at your Service

Because not all dental care is routine, at our practice you will be able to have access to the specialists who will be able to provide integrated care for more complex and unique needs. Thus, if you will need specialty services, such as dental implants, cosmetic rehabilitation, oral surgery, or orthodontics, you will be able to have highly trained specialists perform these services under “one roof”.

Our dentists and staff will consult with YOU every step of the way to make your smile more beautiful and to ensure optimum oral health

Safety and Comfort

Dr. Myaskovsky pays special attention to the safety and comfort of his patients. He uses only the highest quality,most biocompatible materials, including mercury-free fillings. Only pure distilled water is used during dentalprocedures. Any accessory or instrument that cannot be discarded after use is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Modern advances in treatment, materials or equipment that promise to enhance patient comfort or safety are first evaluated thoroughly by Dr. Myaskovsky, and, only after meeting his high standards, incorporated into his patient care regimen. For example, our new Digital Radiography System offers several advantages over traditional X-rays: they are more comfortable, more accurate, and, best of all, have up to 90% less radiation. Gentle care and the best, safest equipment and techniques are hallmarks of Dr.Myaskovsky's practice



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