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Gum LaserSoft tissue laser gum contouring allows Dr. Myaskovsky to precisely recontour, or reshape, the gum line of each tooth. This procedure is both gentle on your gums and completely painless.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

We offer laser gum treatment at DMG Dental Design to offer our patients numerous advantages over traditional techniques such as:

  • Less Pain – The laser causes less pain and discomfort than Gum Laser Before and After traditional surgical techniques, and thus the need for sedation dentistry or local anesthetic is vastly reduced. With laser gum treatment, many of our patients are able to undergo treatment without requiring pain relief of any kind.

  • Reduced risk of infection - Laser sterilizes the surgical field while it is working.

  • Faster Recovery – The precision afforded by laser gum treatment means that surrounding tissues are left untouched, and the affected areas are treated in a more refined, more effective manner. This allows the patient to experience less post-operative discomfort and recover quicker.

  • Reduced Bleeding – During a typical gum treatment, there is a small amount of blood loss as a result of the sensitive nature of the soft tissues of the gums; with laser gum treatment, bleeding and swelling are both reduced and kept under control.

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