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Modern dentistry tools and techniques have revolutionized the level of care that restorative and cosmetic dentists like Dr. Myaskovsky can provide. Below are a few of the many ways that we are moving dentistry forward at our Bothell practice.

If you've considered improving your smile, but have never taken that first step, now is the time! Review the broad spectrum of restorative and cosmetic dentistry options with a dental expert. At DMG Dental Design's Bothell dentist office, we restore, renew, and enhance smiles until they are truly works of art. Contact us to schedule your free consultation. You'll never regret the decision to achieve enhanced dental function and beauty.

Planmeca Compact's - New Innovative Concept

The light maneuverability and flexible movements of PLANMECA Compacts redefine the idea of the side delivery dental units. Thanks to a large movement range, the instrument console can even be placed behind the patient chair backrest during patient change. Absence of the chair base leaves gracious legroom and allows easy-to-maintain clear floor surface.

  • The spring-balanced delivery arm enables the optimal positioning of the instruments in the working area. All unit elements adapt perfectly both for four-hand teamwork and for the solo user.
  • The unit has automated and effective instrument flushing procedures for patient change, daily maintenance and weekly treatment of dental unit waterlines.
  • The optional motorized headrest, which is controlled via a practical and hygienic joystick, enables effortless and comfortable head positioning and provides clear visibility into the oral cavity.
  • The unit has five to six instrument positions. The universal instrument positions are fully interchangeable. All instrument hoses are equipped with intelligent Plug & Perform quick connectors.

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