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The clear, slim, and harmonious design of the PLANMECA Compact s dental unit makes it an ideal choice for dental practices that seek for high-quality equipment with an aesthetic and distinctive look. Practical, hygienic, and recognizable design creates an efficient, pleasant, and safe working environment for the dental professionals.

The PLANMECA Intra DC generated X-ray features adjustable mA, adjustable kV, and adjustable time. The Mode key allows operators to choose from CCD Digital, Phosphorus Plate, or Film modes with the touch of a button. PLANMECA Intraoral's lightweight tubehead allows simple and precise patient positioning. The PLANMECA Intra is available with a hand-held control or a remote exposure station. Intra is also pre-wired for seamless digital upgrades using DIXI digital intraoral sensors. Whether you choose film or digital, the PLANMECA Intra delivers excellent image quality.

Smart Design

We use digital x-rays that expose you to 90-percent less radiation. All PLANMECA's digital imaging products use the PLANMECA Dimaxis imaging software, which links together intraoral and extraoral X-ray, intraoral video, endoscope and still camera images. With powerful and easy-to-use image processing tools the software is designed to support optimal imaging workflow and usability at chairside. We use digital x-rays that expose you to 90-percent less radiation.

  • Easy-to-use and powerful image processing tools make possible image communications, bring visible significant image information and thus improve the diagnostic value of radiographs after the exposure.
  • The software provides a convenient integration with the Planmeca Intra intraoral X-ray to further
  • support smooth imaging workflow.
  • The software is delivered with a server database, a professional solution for image storage. The database provides automated and secure storage of all image information. Automated back-ups meet the strictest requirements of data security and prevent all loss of clinical information.

Planmeca Digital Panoramic X-Ray System

PLANMECA's new ProOne Digital Panoramic X-ray is designed by the theory that simplicity is best. Therefore, the PLANMECA ProOne Digital Pan is simple to use, yet offers the latest technology with excellent image quality, at a competitive price. The ProOne Digital Panoramic is constructed with the same quality design for which PLANMECA products are known, so you can be sure the ProOne Digital Pan will be a dependable addition to your office. The ProOne Digital Pan is extremely lightweight (only 152 lbs), and has a very sleek design with a small footprint, allowing placement in almost any office. ProOne features an easy-to-use color Graphic User Interface with touch magnification for image verification.

In addition to the standard panoramic programs, the PLANMECA ProOne Digital Panoramic offers the following optional specialty packages and programs: The Advanced Panoramic Program Package; Improved Interproximal Program; Improved Orthogonal Program (Perio Program); and Bitewing Program. All these programs are designed to meet your specific imaging requirements and make your diagnostic needs simple. The PLANMECA ProOne Digital Panoramic is definitely a simple choice to make.

We use this state-of-the-art system to take full-mouth digital x-rays. This picture helps us to locate cysts, jaw fractures, cancerous lesions and other abnormalities of the bone and tissues early, before it is too late!

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